Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance

Our mortgage insurance offer

  • You can trust the information we give you because we are not affiliated with any insurance company and we do not encourage any one particular company. In this way, we avoid any possibility of a conflict of interest.
  • We will give you advice and answer your questions:
    • Should you purchase disability insurance, life insurance or both?
    • How much of your mortgage should you cover?
    • What are the benefits of purchasing mortgage insurance through an independent underwriter instead of your mortgage lender?
  • Our online quote request form is simple and only takes a minute to complete.
  • During our business hours, we will answer your request for a quote in less than 30 minutes.

Who are our insurance advisors?

The benefits of doing business with us

  • You will be free to name the beneficiaries of your choice, which is not the case when you purchase mortgage insurance from your financial institution. In this case, your financial institution is the sole owner and beneficiary of your mortgage protection.
  • We GUARANTEE you the best rate on the market in Québec!
  • Your request can be completed very quickly online.
  • You will receive an answer very quickly during our business hours.

What you will gain with us

  • You, and not your mortgage lender, will be the owner of your insurance policy.
  • You, and not your mortgage lender, will designate the beneficiaries of your insurance policy.
  • You will be certain that you have obtained the best market price for your insurance because we guarantee it.
  • You will save thousands of dollars on your loan.
  • You will be protected because you purchased your life insurance from an advisor registered by the Autorité des marches financiers in Québec.

There is no better mortgage insurance than insurance provided by an independent underwriter who also guarantees the best rate on the market. This is what we offer. Request an online quote and receive and answer in less than 30 minutes (during our business hours, until 8 p.m. weekdays and 3 p.m. Saturday.


Did you know that it is now possible to obtain
a life insurance online, without a broker?

Fill out a quote request here or by calling us at 1-844-285-5007
Everything will be settled under 30 minutes.

Free service.

3 LITTLE steps will make you save BIG!

(File opened within 30 minutes, during our business hours)


I fill out the online quote form


I let the quote comparator come up with the best rate

Only takes a few minutes


Within the next few minutes, I receive an email with the best quote available

And I save!

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The best price is offered by Desjardins, banks and life insurance companies. It is guaranteed!
Since 2001, Meilleure Assurance Vie has been an independent premium comparator, and we do not encourage any particular financial institution.
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Find out what our customers think
Thank you for your help! I found a better rate with you since Caisse Populaire Desjardins wanted to charge me an additional $21 per month.
- Y. Bureau Bécancour, June 2014
Nothing more to add: Fast, efficient and best rate available!
- Alain Millette Quebec, April 2013
I enjoyed the simplicity and how easy it was.
- Rino Belzile Montreal, September 2013
We knew what protection we wanted for our family. We did not want an insurance agent telling us what to do. An insurance broker from SoumissionAssuranceVie completed a need analysis for us. We took matters into our own hands and saved hundreds of dollars per year. Thank you very much to Meilleure Assurance Vie.
- The Martel family Trois-Rivières, march 2011
Find out what our customers think
Thank you for your help! I found a better rate with you since Caisse Populaire Desjardins wanted to charge me an additional $21 per month.
- Y. Bureau Bécancour, June 2014

Don’t know where to start?

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